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Meet Jeri

I’m a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner© and Alexander Technique teacher, based in Cape Town South Africa.

The frenetic pace of living and working as a musician and actor in New York led me to discover tools that helped me feel safe and free in my body, live with less tension and judgement, speak with my authentic voice, and to create from that place.


My work is underpinned by Archetypal Psychology and deeply influenced by the healing power of voice and breath, the work of Roy Hart, mindfulness studies and Vipassana meditation.


I’ve released 2 albums, appeared in international TV, commercials and voiceovers and hold a BCOM from the University of Cape Town.


I’m passionate about songwriting, being a mom, creating bespoke oil blends and holistic healing. It is my joy to hold space for you on your healing journey as you discover what sets you alive.


Listen to my music on:

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