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Jeri’s amazing! She’s really changing my life - as someone who has struggled to feel grounded and centred and be connected to my body, she’s really been transforming my whole relationship with my nervous system / emotions / bodily sensations. Only had two sessions so far but already notice big changes in my habits and I’m excited to keep building my toolkit with her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic, has a calming presence and clearly sincere & earnest & passionate about her work  - Angela



I cannot recommend Jeri enough! She is so knowledgeable, intuitive and just brilliant. After doing somatic healing with her for 6 months, my general stress level are down, and things that usually sent me into a tailspin, I find myself handling with a deep sense of calm. Jeri knows exactly what you need in each session, and gently helps you find the places where your body needs healing. It has been the most productive therapeutic journey I have ever had  - Sophie


I was quite taken aback by the power and efficiency of the work we did together. I felt profound shifts after each session. I’ve also found the tools you introduced me to (especially lying on my back) to be such a support in my day to day life. It’s a joy and a revelation to experience this kind of communication with my body -  Rahma


I’m a professional actress and classically trained ballet dancer living with impinged nerves and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome from a spinal trauma ten years ago. I have used pilates, Iyengar Yoga, osteopathy, acupuncture, rolfing and physio to manage pain and symptoms. I began Alexander Technique with Jeri about six weeks ago and after our first session I described an excitement to be in my own body as well as a sense of ease IN THE ABSENCE OF PAIN! Working with Jeri is like receiving a Master Class because her background includes so many of the above modalities; she is very passionate about your story and how she can give you the tools to help yourself. The work in the treatment room is divine, invigorating but calming (and Jeri’s touch is heavenly!) and the work outside of the room just falls into place. The results are immediate and the progress is encouraging, it makes you feel like you have agency over your body and wellbeing - Loulou


Before taking Jeri's workshop, I did not realize how much tension I carry in my body and now have the potential to be more at ease and release tension & pain as it shows up - Jeanette

The sessions I've had with Jeri have been immensely rewarding. I'm constantly surprised by how calm and invigorated I feel after our work together. Her technique & touch feel subtle, yet incredibly powerful. She has effortlessly & expertly shown me how to connect with my body in new & empowering ways - Kane

Jeri is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in trauma healing and somatic wellness. I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued with what came through in my first session with her and the way my body felt walking out of her practice that day. I have since enjoyed the journey of going deeper and working with her to develop a more intimate relationship with my body and mind to realise and release old patterns and stuck emotions. This is helping me to reconnect with my body and its emotional responses to my environment in a more positive and mindful way. Jeri has a gift for creating and holding a safe and nurturing space, providing support and sharing her wisdom throughout our sessions  - Tracy-Lee

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