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The Work

I use somatic exercises and Alexander Technique to help you resource, regulate and reconnect to the life-force within.

Alexander Technique offers tools to enhance awareness and undo chronic tension patterns that may be causing stress, dis-ease and injury.

Through one-on-one lessons we learn to recognise how much we overdo and overuse, in our musculature and in our minds. It is the beginning of learning to “undo” the deep knots of tension and inner scrambling caused by unconscious habitual patterns.


As we allow the nervous system to unwind through pause and observation, we learn to ‘redirect’ ourselves, working towards more harmonious balance, alignment, posture and vitality on all levels of being. 


Lessons include verbal cues and hands-on guidance to facilitate new experiences, exploring body-mapping and gaining awareness of ingrained patterns.  Using simple movements like sitting, standing, walking and lying down, you will learn how this technique can be applied to all areas of your life.

Somatic Experiencing is based off the life’s work of Dr Peter A. Levine to help resolve traumatic experiences through learning how to track regulation and activation in the nervous system. The goal is to re-establish a resilient flow in the nervous system, so that we may move in and out of different states without getting ‘stuck’ in a freeze or flight response. Trauma is linked to how our bodies perceive an event, and symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways such as migraines, chronic tension or pain, depression, fatigue, IBS/digestive issues and more.


This work can guide you to:

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Build emotional resilience

  • Relieve chronic pain patterns, physical tension, migraines 

  • Navigate trauma and learn to self-regulate

  • Take care of yourself during pregnancy or postpartum

  • Process anxiety and overwhelm

  • Prepare for surgery or other procedures

  • Use your voice in an empowered way

  • Take up space

  • Feel more energized and engaged

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