My Approach

Being human is challenging at the best of the times. In response to external stimuli in our environment, we learn to contract and contort, to minimize and disguise. Over time, these patterns become so ingrained in the psyche and the body, that we cannot tell ourselves apart - it is as if we are being run by a deep programing that has been hidden in the recesses of the unconscious. When we begin to uncover and discover these patterns of tension, a whole new world opens up.  


We learn to:

  • Choose how we respond to our physical environment instead of acting out old patterns

  • Build our capacity to meet stress and challenging situations 

  • Rely on the structural wholeness inherent in our bodies for core support, easeful movement and coordination 

  • Trust our voices to communicate from an empowered and aligned place


A key part of the work is learning to recognize how much we overdo and overuse, both physically in our musculature and in our minds. It is the beginning of learning to “undo” the deep knots of tension and inner scrambling caused by unconscious habitual patterns.


As we allow the nervous system to unwind through pause and observation, we learn to ‘redirect’ the body, working towards more harmonious balance, alignment, posture and vitality on all levels of being. 


Lessons include verbal cues and hands-on guidance to facilitate new experiences, exploring body-mapping and gaining awareness of ingrained patterns.  Using simple movements like sitting, standing, walking and lying down, you will learn how this technique can be applied to all areas of your life. Whether you sit at a desk all day, run marathons, give key-note speeches or play an instrument, this work will enhance your life and well-being.