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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A gentle, simple and powerful practice, useful as we near the end of the year to really meet what's been lingering below the surface -- perhaps its something already known, or perhaps its something quieter that's been calling for your attention. This is a practice you can return to daily, each time it will be different and offer a chance to add some space into the busy-ness of life.

Watch: 7 min

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Catch my talk live next week online at The Good Health Revolution; Here's a clip!

Join myself and over 40 other incredible speakers virtually for South Africa’s largest ever online health & wellness event, ‘The Good Health Revolution: Industry Leading Experts Reveal Powerful Strategies To Improve Your Health & Create Life Of Energy & Vitality’. This FREE event is not to be missed! To learn more and sign up, click HERE

In my interview we chat about breath, habits and ways to regulate the nervous system. Hope to see you there!

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Using posture as a way to find freedom in movement and enhanced capacity for breath🤩

Watch: 3:45min

Here’s the crib notes version:

1. Let go of searching for a position or an external image of what posture ‘should’ look like

2. We can think of posture as an internal state of mind, an attitude that radiates out

3. There’s no one-size-fits-all that ‘works’, we each have our unique fingerprint

4. Pulling your shoulders back & down narrows your back and decreases breath capacity. Allow your shoulders to have their width

5. Tucking the chin may compress throat & vocal freedom, and create more tension in back of neck

6. Locking the knees makes it difficult to connect into the ground, and the leg muscles have to work extra hard in standing

7. Sucking in your core will not set you free ;)

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