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Therapy Sessions

Jeri is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and bodyworker, bringing her unique perspective to help her clients navigate physical tension, back & neck pain, anxiety, PTSD, trauma and chronic conditions. 

In sessions, a client can expect to talk, engage in body awareness exercises, movement exercises and hands-on work where necessary


Chronic tension, stress and trauma can cut us off from our vitality, breath and emotions whilst also depleting immune & gut function and ability to regulate the nervous system. Our bodies hold the stories we’ve been telling for decades in the way we move, sit, stand, breathe and speak. This unique combination of bodywork & somatic practice supports you to embody your story in a new way.

Learn to

  • Build capacity to tolerate difficult emotions

  • resource yourself effectively

  • Work with chronic patterns such as migraines, tension, pain, anxiety and trauma

  • create new pathways of movement in the body

  • Uncover your energy and vitality

  • Use your voice and body in an empowered way

I'm Jeri, an Alexander Technique teacher & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner based in Cape Town,

South Africa


I support you on your healing journey to build physical and emotional resilience so that you can flow with the ups and downs of life and live with embodied connection towards yourself and others.

Private lessons  •  Group classes  •  Corporate wellness workshops

Contact for rates and to book your session:

I cannot recommend Jeri enough! She is so knowledgeable, intuitive and just brilliant. After doing somatic healing with her for 6 months, my general stress level are down, and things that usually sent me into a tailspin, I find myself handling with a deep sense of calm. Jeri knows exactly what you need in each session, and gently helps you find the places where your body needs healing. It has been the most productive therapeutic journey I have ever had.


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