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 Empower yourself with awareness & confidence through body-mind wisdom, using principles of the Alexander Technique
My Approach

Being human is challenging at the best of the times. In response to external stimuli in our environment, we learn to contract and contort, to minimize and disguise. Over time, these patterns become so ingrained in the psyche and the body, it's as if we are being run by a deep programing that has been hidden in the recesses of the unconscious. 

When we begin to uncover and discover these patterns of tension, a whole new world opens up

Beneficial for:

  • anxiety, stress & depression

  • physical tension, aches & pains

  • posture and balance

  • pre and post-natal self-care & pain management

  • mental clarity

  • emotional wellbeing

  • enhanced confidence, presence & performance 

  • authentic expression & communication

About Me

My training as a SASTAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique spans 2 continents over 4 years; from New York City to South Africa.  I actively combine the practical insights I’ve gained through a decade of experience as a professional actor, singer & voice artist alongside meditation & mindfulness studies, and I'm a current student of Archetypal psychology

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The sessions I've had with Jeri have been immensely rewarding. I'm constantly surprised by how calm and invigorated I feel after our work together. Her technique & touch feel subtle, yet incredibly powerful. She has effortlessly & expertly shown me how to connect with my body in new & empowering ways

Kane, Brand Strategist


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